The University of Southern California Equestrian Team is based out of Sunset Equine Farms and coached by Kathryn Griffiths.  The team dedicated to achieving the highest standards in traditional equitation as well as leadership and responsibility. Our mission is to provide opportunities for students from all backgrounds to participate in riding competitions and training throughout their college experience. 

 The USC Equestrian Team has won eight Regional Championships in the last twelve years and placed 11th overall at the 2009 and 2016  IHSA National Finals. We have sent many riders to Regional, Zone, and National Finals individually over the years as well. Last season, we took our eighth Regional Championship and placed second overall at Zone Finals and qualified for National finals.   

The team competes in Zone 8 Region 2 of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. In IHSA shows, we compete in an offshoot of the show jumping discipline called equitation, which is judged solely on the rider and how he or she navigates a technical course of jumps while maintaing perfect position. Equitation is part of the famous American Riding System that prepares riders to compete in the highest levels of our sport such as the Olympics or International Hunter Derby Finals. What's unique about the IHSA format is that we "catch-ride," meaning we ride an unfamiliar horse and don't have any warm up. This tests the rider's ability to adapt to different types of horses and also levels the playing field so rider's competing in IHSA don't need to own their own horse. 

Every year we travel to Cal Poly Pomona, UC San Diego, University of San Diego, and Arizona State University to compete against up to ten other schools which include University of Arizona, Cal State Fullerton, Claremont, Whittier, Chapman, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbra, Mount San Antonio College, and Pepperdine. In IHSA competition, a Walk Trot rider's points are just as valuable as an Open rider's points which makes IHSA team's very encouraging groups with lots of team spirit! 

Our goal every year is to qualify for IHSA National Finals as a team so we strive to support each other to be the best riders and students we can be.
USC Equestrian Team