Sunset has an experienced team of professionals available to rehabilitate competitive sport horses using time honored treatments as well as cutting edge technology. We will work with you and your vet to customize and execute a rehabilitation program that best suits the individual needs of your horse.  Our devoted staff will provide daily hands-on care to ensure the optimal progress for your horse during the recovery period.

For information about training, please email
•	Grooming 
•	Bath
•	Body clip
•	Hoof ointment application
•	Blanket/ un-blanket
•	Fly masks for turn out
•	Customized feed program with quality feed and grain
•	Customized Supplement administration
•	Medication administration (topical, oral, IV, IM)
•	De-worming 
•	Vaccination record keeping
•	Dental
•	70X105 Turn-out with extraordinary footing
•	Computerized “Liberty” rehab horse Exerciser
•	Chiropractor
•	Massage
•	Veterinarian handling
•	Farrier handling

             Lay up/rehab
•    Customized feed program with quality feed and grain
•    Customized Supplement administration
•    Vaccination record keeping
•    Computerized “Liberty” horse Exerciser
•    70X105 Turn out with extraordinary footing
•    Hand walking
•    Lunging
•    Riding
•    Ultra sound therapy
•    Ice therapy
•    Magnetic therapy using the “Centurion” system
•    Poultice
•    Wrapping
•    Hoof packing
•    Hoof ointment application
•    Post operative care
•    Bandage change
•    Wound cleaning
•    Wound dressing change
•    Soaking with Epsom salt
•    Temperature reading
•    Recording vital signs
•    Observation notes report
•    Medication administration (topical, oral, IV, IM)
•    De-worming
•    Dental
•    Chiropractor
•    Massage
•    Attending to veterinarian
•    Attending to farrier
•    Riding
Specific program packages available for
•    Colic Surgery Recovery
•    Post surgical Care
•    Specific Lameness programs